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Access Permit Recipient


Initial and Refresher available.
Access Permit Recipient workshops address underpinning knowledge and responsibilities of both the issuer and recipient of an access permit. This workshop acts as both initial and refresher training, with a refresher required every 2 years.


Essential Energy controls access to work on or near our network via the use of a documented access permit procedure. An Access Permit is a form of authorisation which allows access to work on, or near, or to test electrical apparatus.
This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to act as an access permit recipient. The completion of this training is to ensure the correct use of the Access Permit form, identify the conditions under which it is issued, and to assist with providing a safe work or test environment for persons working on or near Essential Energy’s network.

½ day

This course is currently delivered online

$240.22 p/p regulated fee (GST is not payable).

Invoices will be sent to participants after completion of the course.

To remain authorised as an Access Permit Recipient, refresher training is required every 2 years. Refresher training needs to be conducted before the expiry date of an individual’s authorisation.

Cancellations must be received five working days prior to workshop or applicable charges may apply. Essential Energy reserves the right to reschedule any course if insufficient enrolments are received.
Workshops may be cancelled up to 4 weeks prior. Should this occur, participants will be notified. Essential Energy will not be held liable for any claims arising from course cancellation.

Please note catering is not supplied.

Target Audience:

  1. Electrically qualified people who are required to act as an access permit recipient when working on or near Essential Energy’s network; and
  2. Hold a current ASP authorisation with Essential Energy and who are current in their regulatory training.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Authorised Access Permit Recipient

Learning Methods:

  • This workshop is delivered via online awareness and information session combined with an online supervised assessment.

Program Benefits:

  • Successful completion of training and assessment results in participant authorisation to receive an Access Permit for work on or near Essential Energy’s network.
  • Participant will be issued an authorisations ID card for Access Permit Recipient


  • General work conditions
  • Responsibilities
  • Clearance area
  • Work area
  • Testing apparatus
  • Completing access permit form
  • When an access permit is not required
  • Written assessment
  • Access permit exercise

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