Training and Induction

Access Permit Recipient

Access Permit Recipient workshops address underpinning knowledge and responsibilities of both the issuer and recipient of an access permit. This workshop acts as both initial and refresher training, with a refresher required every 2 years. Initial and Refresher courses available.

ASP Authorisation Induction

Essential Energy requires that all Electrical Supply Industry (ESI) workers undergo an induction before being granted access to specific sites and authorisation to work on or near the network.

This course is delivered online.

Entry to Electrical Stations Initial

Essential Energy limits access to work in or near our Electrical Stations to suitably trained and authorised persons. This course serves as initial training covering all electrical stations including zone substations, pad-mounts and ground type substations. Refresher training required every 2 years.

Working Near Powerlines Initial

Contact with overhead powerlines is a serious risk and is one of the largest single causes of fatalities associated with mobile plant and equipment.
Initial Work Near Overhead Powerlines (WNP) training is aligned to the SafeWork NSW Code of Practice 2006.

Working Near Powerlines Refresher

This Course is not currently available.
This training is designed to Refresh participants knowledge and awareness of risks, and protect the health and safety of persons working near overhead power lines and associated electrical apparatus.  

Entry to Electrical Stations Refresher

This online refresher course is for workers who require authorisation to enter electrical stations.

This authorisation does not allow the supervision of others, or switching.
Completing this course does not guarantee re-authorisation.