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Entry to Electrical Stations Refresher


This online refresher course is for workers who require authorisation to enter electrical stations.

This authorisation does not allow the supervision of others, or switching.
Completing this course does not guarantee re-authorisation.
Essential Energy limits access to work in or near our Electrical Stations to suitably trained and authorised persons.
This online refresher module addresses the underpinning knowledge and outlines the responsibilities of people who are authorised to enter Essential Energy Electrical Stations, and covers all electrical stations including zone substations‚ pad-mounts and ground type substations.
Refresher training is required every 2 years.

Policy: Entry Into Electrical Stations CEOM7074

1 hour

There is no charge associated with this workshop.

Participants require appropriate technology to access the workshop materials online.

To remain authorised a person must successfully complete this course.
Authorised to access Essential Energy Electrical Stations
Participants will be issued an authorisations ID card for access to their particular Electrical Station(s).
TARGET AUDIENCE: People undertaking this course must
  • Work for a business that has a contractual arrangement with Essential Energy to carry out work inside electrical stations‚ and
  • Have a suitable level of language, literacy, and numeracy to be able to read instructions, fill out forms, and communicate with Systems Control.
Note: Entry into Category A electrical stations will require electrically unqualified persons to be inducted into that site by an Essential Energy person before they will be authorised for that particular station. 
  1. General awareness/emergencies
  2. Types of zone substation
  3. Conditions of entry
  4. Responsibilities
  5. Barriers
  6. Live equipment and clearances
  7. Step and touch potential
  8. Battery rooms/chargers
  9. Equipment failure/environmental issues

Name Course Start Date Course End Date Cost
2024 ASP Entry to Electrical Stations Refresher $0.00