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ASP Authorisation


Essential Energy requires that all Electrical Supply Industry (ESI) workers undergo a Network Familiarisation Session for Authorisation before being granted access to specific sites and authorisation to work on or near the network.

This session is accessible online via our training platform Axcelerate LMS. The applicant will be enrolled and emailed a link to complete the session at anytime.

 Electrically qualified applicants are required to complete an assessment at the end of the session, a pass mark of 100% is needed to gain authorisation.


Essential Energy is pleased to offer Network Familiarisation Session for Authorisation for Accredited Service Providers (ASP).

Participants undertaking this course must have the following in place before applying:
  • Participant must have submitted an application for authorisation.
  • Accreditation as an ASP with the Office of Energy and Climate Change – including an employee registration letter nominating the classes of authorisation you are able to work in.
  • Current Annual Regulatory Training including the units that are relevant to classes of authorisation being sought
  • A copy of your qualifications relating to class of authorisation being sought (eg. trade certificate)
  • Adequate smart device to access online content
1 Hours

A fee is applicable upon becoming authorised (including Network Familiarisation Session cost). This will be outlined at the time of application.

The authorisation fee and security deposit for sealing pliers, if requested, will be billed to the ASP's sundry debtor account. If you do not have one, this can be created at the time of application. 
To discuss authorisation requirements, please contact: Authorisations

Target Audience:

Network Familiarisation Session for Authorisation is required for ASP Level 1 and/or 2 applicants that have either never worked on the Essential Energy network as an authorised ASP.

Learning Outcomes:

  • About Essential Energy and what is available to you
  • How to communicate with Essential Energy
  • Safety protocols when working on or near the network
  • Types of authorisation and conditions associated with authorisation
  • Contestable work process and your responsibilities
  • Using Essential Connections.

Learning Methods:

  • Online session via our training platform Axcelerate LMS.

Program Benefits:

  • Following successful completion of this session, the participant will be issued an authorisation and he authorised person will be granted access to the Essential Energy network.


  • The Network Familiarisation Session for Authorisation content covers Essential Energy’s network, our commitment to safety and the ASPs obligation when working on or near the network.

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