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Bulk Service Mains Replacement Program


The Bulk Service Main Replacement program is designed for external contractors engaged in work on Essential Energy's Network.
This program is designed to give an overview of Essential Energy's program delivery and safety expectations. The content aims to assist with queries relating to the work that is to be done as part of the program, customer relations, notification processes, identification requirements, incident reporting, additional works and records of completed works.

The program consists for five (5) modules:
  • Contract Service Induction
  • Bulk Service Main Replacement
  • Program Assessment
  • General Electrical Awareness
  • Asbestos Awareness
Allow two (2) hours to complete.
You must complete all modules and assessments to successfully complete the program.
You are not required to complete all modules at once and can log off and resume at any time.

Name Course Start Date Course End Date Cost
BSMR Course 2022 $0.00