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Frequency Injection Relay Program


The course is designed for contractors who have been engaged by Essential Energy to work on the Frequency Injection Receivers (FIRs) Program.
Essential Energy is a NSW Government owned corporation, with responsibility for building, operating and maintaining Australia's largest electricity network. Essential Energy provides controlled load management of over 450,000 individual customers and has been undertaking a multi-year replacement program of its existing Frequency Injection Receivers (FIRs).

The Service Provision Contractor FIR program induction forms part of the CSP application and provides a task specific understanding of the type of work expected on the program.

This program includes the Service Provision Contractor Induction, the FIR Program and an Asbestos Awareness course. As part of the FIR Program Induction you will be required to successfully complete an assessment with a 100% pass mark.

At the completion of both courses you will also be required to complete a feedback form.

Name Course Start Date Course End Date Cost
FIR Replacement Course 2022 $0.00